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The 22nd Annual National Conference of the Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (ANCIAPP 2021) is going to be organised by the IAPP Assam State Branch in Hotel Radisson Blu, Guwahati with the theme of “Newer Approaches and Innovations in Clinical Practice” during 18-21 November 2021.

An eSouvenir will be released to commemorate the event. The Souvenir Committee in chaired by Dr. S. Chakravarty with Dr. Shyamanta Das, Dr. Uddip Talukdar, Dr. Simanta Talukdar, Dr. Vijay Gogoi, and Dr. Dipjyoti Bora as members.

Uniformity of Articles

Scientific article on the theme of newer approaches and innovation in clinical practice as well as on subjects of contemporary relevance with recent developments is welcome. We also welcome essay, prose, poem, drawing, and photograph. The article is preferred to be within 2000 words, prepared in word format (.doc or .docx), and send by 8 November 2021 as email attachment to academypublisher@outlook.com with the Vancouver reference style.

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