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Tele-counselling during COVID-19

In the fortnightly Mind Matters column, titled “Tele-counselling during COVID-19” in Horizon, the Friday supplement with The Assam Tribune, Shyamanta Das, the Editor-in-Chief of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®) discusses the original paper: research article, “Profile of distress callers and service utilisation of tele-counselling among the population of Assam, India: an exploratory study during COVID-19” by Mythili Hazarika, Bornali Das, Shyamanta Das, Atanu Baruah, Nivedita Sharma, Chandamita Barua, Jayashree Das, Sandamita Choudhury, Dyuksha Hazarika, Phulen Sarma, and Samrat Singh Bhandari, and published in January-June 2021, Volume 12 Issue 1 of OJPAS®.

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